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PLASTIC FREE JULY - 4 Weeks of Change

In case you didn't guess, we love Plastic Free July!

Taking a pledge to give up one or all plastics for a whole month is fantastic. It gives a great start to a plastic free life and makes a huge difference to our planet.

What, I believe, makes this movement so special is the power of collective action. The more of us do it, the more of us can spread awareness and a shift will be upon us like an unstoppable wave.

With a little bit of research, it is very easy to find some info on Plastic Free July. Awesome businesses and organisations are spreading useful tips and guidance; offering prizes for challenges and great products to make your swaps smoother and everlasting.

We were so inspired by it before that it was no question for us to take part again this year. However we wanted to do Plastic Free July a little bit differently this time...

Instead of looking at the areas of life where to make swaps daily or weekly in the month of July, we decided to go with a different approach.

We want to look at change on a personal, community and an even wider level!

We want to start a conversation and want you all to do the same!

There are no tangible rewards, prizes; there are no strict rules to follow.

If you fancy taking part, here is how to start:

Sign up to our newsletter and/or follow us on Instagram. We will send an email once a week in the month of July, which will explain the week’s focus, and share some tips, ideas etc.

We will be taking part too (as there is plenty of room for improvements in our low waste / plastic free efforts too), and will be sharing it all with you.

If you want to share your journey too on a social media platform, that’s fantastic, but it's not a must! Use these hashtags: #plasticfreejuly2019 #4weeksofchange or tag us @brightonfrog, so we can see what you are up to.

We would also love to encourage all other plastic free, low waste, low impact, eco friendly shops, makers, influencers, businesses and organisations to take part and encourage as many people as possible.

Let's make some ripples!

Are you in?

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