The FRoG Gift Cards are here!


It is time to change our perception on gifting, and start giving sustainable presents that won't end up unused, gathering dust or worst, wasting away in a landfill.

If you are not sure what to buy or just want to leave it up to your loved one to shop whenever, whatever they want, the FRoG Gift Card was made for you. 

Also, these little cards have lovely flower seeds hidden inside, so when they are not needed anymore, just pop them in a pot of soil and watch them turn into flowers.





1 Choose your amount (or amounts)


2 Add to basket


3 Add the following details to the comment section (or email it to me at

* Name and address where you'd like it to be sent, if it's different from your address

* Any messages you wish to add

* Anything else that you feel important (such as when sending more than one card or if you wish to hide the gifted amount)





FRoG GIFT CARD - Flower Seeded

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