The fantastic team behind Tamar Organics is on a mission to encourage people to grow at least some of their own food and to do it organically. Organic growing helps to protect the environment, improves soil and encourages biodiversity. Using organic seeds means that you are supporting organic farmers and acres and acres of land under organic management.


Organic Butternut Squash - Cucurbita moschata (Approx.10 seeds)

Squash has become such a popular vegetable to grow over the last decade or so – and for good reason.

Butternut is one of the best known but there are so many varieties to choose from. There are summer and winter types. Summer squash are thin-skinned with a lighter, moist flesh. They are best eaten fresh. Winter squash have a harder skin and dense flesh with a more intense flavour. They can be stored for a few months after harvest.

Organic Butternut Squash Seeds

  • Grow in the miscellaneous section of your rotation.
    Sow seeds in large modules or 8cm pots in April and May.
    Harden off and plant into the growing site after all danger of frost has passed. Plant at a distance of at least 60cm. Keep watered if the weather is dry after planting.
    The vines are vigorous with large leaves. yellow trumpet flowers appear and the pollination between male and female flowers is done by bees and other insects.
    Harvest the squashes when ready from September to November and before the first frosts.


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