The fantastic team behind Tamar Organics is on a mission to encourage people to grow at least some of their own food and to do it organically. Organic growing helps to protect the environment, improves soil and encourages biodiversity. Using organic seeds means that you are supporting organic farmers and acres and acres of land under organic management.


Organic Yellow Courgette - Goldy F1 (approx. 5 seeds)

Goldy F1 is an intensely yellow cylindrical courgette of high quality. The plants are largely spineless and will mature in about 55 days.  Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

Organic Courgette - Goldy F1 Yellow Seeds

  • Sow seeds in pots or modules of good organic compost in April or May. A temperature of 20 deg C will ensure quick and reliable germination.
    Pot up module grown plants when the first true leaves appear and harden off, (see celery), the young plants before planting.
    Plant in the Miscellaneous section of your rotation once all danger of frost has passed. You will need to allow at least 60 cms between plants.
    Courgettes can be grown direct in may, 2 seeds at the 60cms spacing. Water during dry spells.


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