The fantastic team behind Tamar Organics is on a mission to encourage people to grow at least some of their own food and to do it organically. Organic growing helps to protect the environment, improves soil and encourages biodiversity. Using organic seeds means that you are supporting organic farmers and acres and acres of land under organic management.


Organic Cucumber - Marketmore (approx. 20 seeds)

Marketmore is a widely grown variety around the world. The plants are very prolific and the fruits are dark green and quite spiny. Marketmore tolerates cool weather and has some natural resistance to disease and virus. It is a reliable variety that is ideal for those who wish to grow cucumbers but do not have a greenhouse.

Organic Cucumber Seeds

  • Sow seeds in pots or modules of good quality organic compost during April and May. Pot into 7 cm pots when the true leaves have formed.
    Transplant into the permanent site with canes or strings for them to grow up. The stem is very delicate, be careful during transplanting and water carefully to avoid damping off.
    Transplant outdoor cucumbers in May or June after all danger of frost has passed. A wigwam of canes placed 60cm apart is the best support, tie the plants in as they grow.
    Harvest from late June onwards picking regularly.


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