The fantastic team behind Tamar Organics is on a mission to encourage people to grow at least some of their own food and to do it organically. Organic growing helps to protect the environment, improves soil and encourages biodiversity. Using organic seeds means that you are supporting organic farmers and acres and acres of land under organic management.


Organic Marigold (approx. 100 seeds)

Calendula, also known as pot marigold is an easy to grow hardy annual. It grows to a height of between 30 and 50 cm. It has lance shaped bright green leaves and composite, daisy like flowers with bright yellow or orange petals. Calendula flowers over a long period and will self seed. It is a popular cottage garden flower and a companion plant to beans and tomatoes. This could be because Calendula attracts beneficial insects, like ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies, which eat aphids. The flowers are edible and the are also valued for their medicinal properties, chiefly as a salve for wounds as it aids healing, it is also very soothing to the skin. The flowers were also used as a natural dye for food stuffs and cloth. The seed is a strange shape, like a letter C and is actually an achene, which is a fruit which contains the seed.

Organic Marigold Seeds

  • Sow seed directly into well prepared soil from March until June. Rake over lightly and keep watered if necessary.
    Alternatively sow in good organic compost singly in small pots and transplant when the plants are large enough at a distance of 30 cm apart. Flowers from May to September.


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